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Welcome to Clean Life Toys! As the website title suggests, this website is about understanding and rewarding people who are recovering from any kind of addiction.

Euphoria! We humans are born in need and all we know lifelong is need; life is needful! We need water, food, and shelter first…and perhaps love is next. But then…after the essentials are realized, we continue to seek! We seek Euphoria.

Uh-huh, humans seek Euphoria. We seek it in so many ways. It is the golden prize; it is that best-of-the-best feeling.

Feeling awesome! It’s all about flooding the brain with that natural high called endorphins, seratonin, and dopamine! Spending money, eating excessively, exercising vigorously, doing narcotics, gambling, having good sex, drinking alcohol…these are only the start of a huge list of that which creates Euphoria. And Euphoria lets us escape our reality…temporarily!

Thus we have addictions!

And very often – or more often than not – our addictions become destructive to our life, our families, our friends, our work…addictions destroy our lives!

Overcoming addiction is incredibly, outrageously HARD! It is perhaps the hardest – or close to the hardest – thing to do!

And when we stop our addiction(s), we enter into “recovery”, which is usually after a 12-step program, hospitalization, counseling, and more!

In short: Recovery is an amazing accomplishment and should absolutely be rewarded!!


I’m sure you likely guessed that I am a recovering addict. In fact, I had more than one addiction. I will not go into too much self-disclosure; let me just say that my addictions destroyed my life to the point of homelessness.

I lost my career, my home, my possessions, my hope…basically everything. I was spiritually dead, and was close to physical death.



I was fortunate enough to have a friend who did not give up on me, and pushed me to get help. And now I am a recovering addict, and will always be a recovering addict. This website is part of my personal reward…it is one way I reward myself.



Almost everyone knows somebody who is an addict, or has been directly affected by an addiction. Do you know someone who has successfully stopped their addiction(s) and is recovering? Chances are you do know someone in recovery!

If you have not already done so – or would like to continue to do so – I invite and even suggest that you acknowledge a recovering addict. They have been through utter hell and survived it. Give them a gift! Give that special person a token that says you are proud of them for facing their demons head on!

Take a look around my website and see if you can find something that you want to give to a special person in recovery.

God Bless!


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